Monday, November 14, 2011

#OccupyWallstreet Obersvation

Can anyone see that figure in the middle of the photo with the red/orange cap on his head? That's Michael Moore, and I'm sure everyone knows he was at the OWS movement. Well some also know that he is in fact a 1 percenter himself but that's not as interesting as an article I remember reading reading about him in 2009 from the Business Insider -

We see that the movie is presented by "Paramount Vantage" in association with the Weinstein Company. Bob and Harvey Weinstein are listed as executive producers. If Mr. Moore appreciates any of the irony here he sure doesn't share it with viewers, but for those members of the audience who are in on the secret it's all kind of amusing. Paramount Vantage, after all, is controlled by Viacom, on whose board sit none other than Sumner Redstone and former Bear Stearns executive Ace Greenberg, who aren't exactly socialists. The Weinstein Company announced it was funded with a $490 million private placement in which Goldman Sachs advised. The press release announcing the deal quoted a Goldman spokesman saying, "We are very pleased to be a part of this exciting new venture and look forward to an ongoing relationship with The Weinstein Company

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So not only is Michael Moore a 1 percenter, but Goldman Sachs helped make one of his movies.

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