Monday, November 28, 2011


Yes, terrible day for me. No two ways about it (-40k on the day). It's a good thing I closed out that NatGas futures position. However, I will be putting it back on shortly as soon as that gap gets filled.

Those PCLN PUTS are taunting me (which is almost entirely where my losses are coming from today) Though FAZ is an obvious under-performer (though MS is looking quite dapper today). The /ES short is not doing well but don't forget I shorted that when it was already up handsomely. I'll post my P/L at the end of the day so you all can put it to sight.

However the most important news of the day which flabbergasted me: much for freedom Amerika.

Next is free speech and then welcome to the soviet states.

Though there is good news to compliment the bad news in that Barney Frank is retiring (THANK GOD) Next....Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Hussein Obama.

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